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About Us:

We are a leading provider of innovative professional development and training programs of high international standard that are cutting-edge, tailor made, relevant and applicable for both public-and private sector organizations.

Bisnis Nordic Indonesia

All our professional development projects begin with collaboration, planning, and implementation involving our partners, and conclude with measurable outcomes which are then used to reflect and continually refine the process.

We strive to not only promote increased organizational achievement through professional development, but also to be able to measure changes in the performance of individuals and the organizations’ achievements associated with the professional development. We are driven by the needs of working professionals and workplaces in mind. In providing professional development opportunities we offer a variety of formats including online courses, face-to-face courses, workshops and in-service training.

We also provide international opportunities for governments and private sector organizations to interact with their counterparts through workshops, seminars and study tours. We can start with direct delivery of customized training or through feasibility studies and need assessments. Our focus is to improve your organization and your human resources, and in turn, improve your efficiency, quality, impact, and profitability.


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