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Our Resources

We have developed an extensive network of strategic alliances with recognized international experts. Their individual and collective expertise continues to expand the repertoire and quality of relevant professional programs that reflect the needs of working professionals and workplaces.

We have a team of experts within various knowledge areas of top international standard, all active academics (see the list of our working partners) and/or senior experienced practitioners from companies/industries and other workplaces.

We also have access to top modern teaching and learning facilities in Gothenburg and Jakarta.

Our Strategic Partners :

Renesans Consulting Oy, Finland

WeCan Oy, Finland

EuroCham (European Business Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia)

Global APD

Our Working Partners

We involve resource persons for our projects from many internationally recognized universities and R&D institutions, among them :

•    Babson College, USA
•    Karolinska Institute, Sweden 
•    Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences, Sweden 
•    University of Siena, Italy 
•    Kings College, UK   
•    Kellogg School of Management, USA 
•    Melbourne Business School, Australia 
•    Catholica University, Portugal 
•    Jönköping International Business School, Sweden 
•    Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden 
•    Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden 
•    Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden 
•    Stockholm University, Sweden 
•    Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 

Babson College


Karolinska Institute


Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences


Jonkoping International Business School


Chalmers University of Technology


Stockholm School of Economics


Royal Institute of Technology


Stockholm University


University of Siena


Copenhagen Business School



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